Taste Festivals are a global phenomenon of unique events at which the host city's most acclaimed restaurants and chefs gather in a stunning venue to present their signature dishes to thousands of 'foodie' visitors.

At each event, thousands of visitors enjoy food from the world's finest restaurants, purchase top quality food and drink and meet their most loved celebrity chefs. The festivals have set a new benchmark for food and drinks worldwide with 25 Taste Festivals hosted around the world.

Taste is an unforgettable experience of what can only be described as foodie heaven. Taste truly is 'the world's greatest restaurant festival.'

The Taste Festivals phenomenon has spread to some of the most fashionable foodie cities worldwide, where the experience, cuisine and atmosphere of each festival is totally unique to the city in which it is held.Click here for more info.

Taste Festivals are truly world class events which offer unrivalled opportunities to engage with some of the most committed foodies in the world. Through working with Taste Festivals, your brand can be brought to life in line with your current objectives and deliver a host of tangible benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Brand awareness and positioning
  • Brand alignment, communicating brand values
  • Data capture
  • Lead generation
  • Creating advocates
  • Direct sales
  • Consumer engagement
  • Customer reward and hospitality

Expose your brand to this high net worth audience through a wide range of onsite sponsorship opportunities. Take centre stage at the only World class restaurant festival and interact with consumers with quality engagement which will have lasting impact. We offer more than event, wiinsoleilth a 3 month marketing and PR campaign with a range of activity across TV, radio, national and local press, glossy magazines, social media and outdoor channels. Our partnerships can be structured as 12 month campaigns, with regular communication with the targeted Taste demographic through our monthly e-newsletter, websites and social media network.

The best way to create the ideal package for you is to contact the team and arrange a meeting today on 011 463 0355 or 021 418 4516.

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